Area 02 Comittee Actions Since December 1985

(Last updated:11/26/2016)

Assemblies include discussions on how the Area may better serve it's members and the still suffering alcoholic. These discussions sometimes result in the formulation of motions which are then circulated among the AA Groups and voted on at Assembly. A list of Assembly Actions taken since 1985 will be available for viewing at Alaska Area 02 Assemblies.

The Pre-Conference Assembly (PCA) is held in March of each year. This forum allows presentation of our group conscience to our Delegate, as arrived through home group discussions and district meetings, for conveyance to the General Service Conference (GSC) in New York.

The Budget Assembly is held in September of even-numbered years, opposite the Election Assembly (odd-numbered year).The purpose of this assembly is to present and approve the budget for the next fiscal period

The Election Assembly is held in early November each odd year. The purpose of this assembly
is to elect area officers to serve on the upcoming two-year panel.